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John Pockett is a popular world-leading specialist in the art of Romani vardo-decorating. He's been colourfully painting Gypsy waggons for over 50 years - since the early 1960s. John's gained a wealth of wisdom as a well respected historian both in waggon history and in the intricate and skilful painting techniques involved. His "scrollful hands" are in greater demand than ever. He is also a leading historian and consultant on Romani waggons. Master of his craft, John is without doubt one of the "True Vardo Rai" of his generation.

John will be teaching you:-
The arts of lining, scrolling and graining.
The art of goldleafing.
The placing of decor on waggons.
                                          The traditional use of colour.
                                          A brief history of waggons and their painters.

  Class sizes are limited to 3 people so that participants can receive individual attention.

Please enquire for 2019 price per person.

A booking fee (deposit) of £100 is required to secure a place,
the remainder beforehand or on arrival at the venue.

Terms and conditions
John Pockett reserves the right to improve or modify the content and format of the course without giving prior notice.  A deposit of £100 is payable on booking, with the remainder being payable either beforehand or on arrival at the course venue.  Notice of cancellation should be received in writing at least 10 working days before the course commencement date, in which case a partial refund will be given if a payment has been made in full - however the deposit is not refundable to cover costs and losses.  NO refund whatsoever will be issued if notification of cancellation is received within 5 working days of the course commencement date.  If the course is terminated at any point due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund will be made based on the number of remaining days.


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To be taught by the
the legendary John Pockett, one of
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