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Dealers, Painters & Restorers

John Pockett, Shropshire - 01743 791568
Gyspy Caravans UK, Devon

Dorset Heavy Horse Ctr, Dorset
Preston Services, Canterbury, Kent

Carvings & mouldings

Richard Burbidge, Shropshire
Winther Browne, London
W P Notcutt, Surrey

New Waggons Suppliers

Ingham & Fallon, North of England

Mirrors, Glass and Brilliant Cutting

Lee Glass, Nottinghamshire
Looking Glass, Bath
S Taylors & Sons, Stockport
Windsor Glass, Swansea
Cathedral Communications
Stuart Owen Norton Glass & Sign, Tyne & Wear

Paint Suppliers

Avenue Group, Berkshire - tekaloid enamels
Breakwells Paints, West Midlands - tekaloid enamels
Firwood Paints Ltd, Lancashire - coach enamels
HMG Paints - coach enamels
Wrights of Lymm, Cheshire - sign paints, brushes
Craftmaster Paints - coach enamels, sign paints

Leaf Springs

Jones Springs, West Midlands

Canvas Suppliers

Whaleys (Bradford) Ltd - cotton canvas

Waggon Components

Ingham & Fallon, North of England
Gypsy Wagon Parts, Wolverhampton - 08432 897119

Waggon Transportation Specialists
(fully insured 'goods in transit')

UK Vardo Heritage - UK's leading transporters.
Wide range of transport vehicles available, with fully experienced team, catering for all types of Horse Drawn Vehicles to the largest Showman Caravans, etc. Collection & Delivery throughout the UK & Europe

Best Rates - Email For a Quick Quote:-

UK Vardo Heritage - info@gypsywaggons.co.uk

Waggon Plans

Hobby Ltd
Wild Horse Books


Books, DVDs, CDs

Romany Gypsy Collection
Cottage Books, Gelsmoor, Coleorton, Leicestershire


Gypsy Caravan Holidays

Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages UK - Wales
Under the Thatch - Monmouthshire
The Old Forge - Dorset
White Horse Gypsy Caravans - Wiltshire - 01672 851119
Gypsy Caravan Holiday Breaks, Suffolk - 01787 281979
Gypsy Caravan Breaks - Somerset
Wanderlusts - Cumbria 

Sites of Interest

Romany Gypsy Trailers
Passion Roulotte
Les Roulottes
Les Verdines

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