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A rare Thomas of Gloucester Showman Waggon stolen from near Bordon, Hampshire in April 2013, has at last been discovered nearly 4 years on, despite crude efforts to disguise it.

BEFORE                                                            AFTER

Taken from the owners garden, 25th April 2013, the unrecognisable waggon turned up
1st March 2017, still wet with fresh paint, as a late entry listing at the Reading Carriage Sale,
fooling the auctioneers and potential bidders alike.

The listing read as follows:

'BURTON WAGON circa 1890 to suit 15 to 16 hh single or pair; painted green with coloured decorations, the undercarriage has been repainted and fitted with a kettle box. The interior has been decorated and fitted with an oven stove, and comes with steps, shafts and pole.'

The waggon was sold at auction and only on detailed inspection by the buyers, when they got it home, did they discover the body's structure, front & rear, had been completely modified and disguised in an attempt to move it on undetected. Luckily, the buyers immediately checked out the website's STOLEN waggon page, which confirmed the showman's true identity and full contact details etc., enabling them to contact the rightful owners, also Reading Carriage Sales and Hampshire police.

BEFORE                                                                                                                                            AFTER
Unfortunately, the rediscovered waggon was heavily modified: most of the main carvings, front, back and sides, including the crown boards, front and back, have been replaced by crude resin mouldings.

The timber panels front and back replaced with rib and matchboard timberwork. Much of the gilded artwork was badly painted over in a dark green and red. The underworks, including all the artwork, obilerated in cream paint.

From the date of it's disappearance, there has been heavy media/internet coverage for information. The owners themselves mounted a vigorous Twitter and internet campaign since it was taken. With their determination to find the waggon, their efforts have finally payed off.
Follow their campaign:-

The incident is currently being investigated by Hampshire Police.
Anyone with information relating to the waggon's disappearance, reappearance, or the whereabouts of the original Carvings is asked to please contact:

Jake on 07517 111813 or Hampshire police on 01962 841534.


A reward is offerred for the return of all the original carvings.

Please return, if possible, the original carvings, so that this wagon can be restored
back to its former glory. This can be done anonymously, no questions asked.
A simple message including a photo of the removed carvings, as proof
sent to this email address:-
Arrangements regards returning the carvings to be discussed by email.





FRONT                                                                      REAR


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