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Distinctive Bowtop Gypsy Caravan


Taken from near Weare, Giffard, North Devon
Saturday 27th January 2018

This is my Gypsy Wagon, I spent over 9 months fixing, designing, painting and decorating it on my weekends
and weekday evenings after my normal job, to start my own business with and to have for my summer holidays
locally. On Saturday it was stolen from where I keep it near my place of work. Whoever took it would need to have
a 4X4 and an angle grinder because I had put a wheel clamp on the trailer it’s on.

The bowtop has a distinctive design on the front door of a gypsy lady wearing a headscarf and jewellery.
Golden scrolls decorate the front and sides on a maroon body colour.

There have been sightings of the waggon at Sparkford Services near Yeovil
2 men went to the petrol station in a white/silver pick up with the wagon in tow, went through Mc Donalds drive- thru.
At that point the wagon had not been covered up

Please help me find it.
Any person with information that leads me to find it will receive £500.
This is a promise!

You will of course remain anonymous if you want.
Contact Tristan on 07588171940 or
(Take a photo of this just in case you see it later…)

Anyone who has any information on the whereabouts of this wagon is asked to
call the police on 101 or email - quoting CRIME NUMBER CR008331-18

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