Vintage film clips of Gypsy caravans and waggons from British Pathe.

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John Lennon's wagon, bought for his son Julian, Weybridge, Surrey, 1967

Cheerful bowtop travelling the road in Cork, Ireland, 1966

Artists Sven Berlin and Juanita Berlin with their wooden waggon, New Forest, 1956

Wooden waggons, including 1905 showman at Kenwood, London, 1954

Wooden waggon travelling along busy main road, plus Gypsy encampment, 1952

Wooden and bowtop waggons, Hereford and Worcester, 1950

Bowtops and horse-chopping at Yarm Fair, Yorkshire, 1938

Last of the Gypsy camps, Epsom Races, Surrey, 1929

Waggons lined up for the Derby, Epsom, Surrey, 1920


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