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Stow Fair October 2015
Quietly outrageous - John Pockett visited Stow Fair in October to find that it was quiet, overcast, and with less stalls than usual.  But there was still plenty of brass and bling, and the traveller girls made up for it with their flaming costumes!

Justice Eve's Summertown Caravan
Late 1800s pioneer of early "land yachting"
Once hidden amongst the late Les Oakes Collection, now Eve's kite waggon has been finally restored back to full glory . . . but who exactly was Justice Eve?

Unidentified Rolling Objects
Shepherds' huts - the choice of one man and his dog.
Adam Breakwell explores the peculiarities of these special waggons, which are often mistaken for Gypsy caravans.  As well as sheltering the shepherd, sheepdog and sheep, they were sometimes home to German prisoners of war.

Those Good Old Times
Article by the late Denis Harvey, author and restorer.
When Denis Harvey first met vardo-artist / historian John Pockett in 1970, he wrote about their meeting and the early days of John's 50-year career in the waggon trade.  They went on to become great friends.
Read about Bill Wright
William "Bill" Wright of Leeds
The Great Northern Vardo Rai.
Famous for his bowtops, pot waggons n carts, Wright also built lots of ledge waggons - but only ever built a few reading types, and they are extremely rare today.

Leonard of Soham
Elias Leonard established a family firm in Cambridgeshire with a reputation for building good-quality showmans and kite-shaped Romany caravans. He mainly used Thomas of Chertsey underworks, and his waggons reflect a mix of rear-wheel styles.

Stow & Appleby Fairs - the Future?
Do they mirror Britain's demoralised travelling community - reflecting the true image of an abandoned culture?  Are these historic Gypsy rendezvous now under threat?

Rolling Stone Rolls again
Naturally at home.
Legend rocker and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood wakes up to a bowtop waggon for his 60th birthday breakfast, courtesy of beautiful wife Jo Wood.
-- Read the full story!
Gypsy Trailer Caravans
The Height of Flash.
Modern trailer caravans reached the peak of 'flash' in the 1970s but smaller, lighter trailers were being produced in flash style up to the end of the 80s.  Read about Ken Mayhew's fascinating world of "Chromers" and visit his website!
The 'Ben Hur' Orton Waggon
See Tilly Winters' Stunning Vardo.
This is probably the finest kite-style waggon in existence today.  Owned for 34 years by vardo artist John Pockett, the waggon was part of Paultons Park's unique vardo collection and Romany theme display until sold last year.
Weald & Downland Open Air Museum
Kite Style Vardo.
In 2003 the museum acquired this Romany caravan from Mrs Everington of Cowden near East Grinstead to provide a contrast to the other vans already in their collection.
An Unknown English Road-Rail Waggon
A Jessee Pollit Showman surfaces after decades hiding away in USA.
However, it's a major restoration project for the owner.
Waggon Theft - A Growing Problem?
Perhaps time to check those security arrangements once more.
No thief likes to be delayed or hang around longer than planned, so stack the odds against them and make your waggon world full of obstacles.
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