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ELSIE'S JOURNEY - Mersey to Med 2017
1,000 miles by Horse & Wagon
Wheelwright Phill Gregson and his wife Emily are planning a fundraising wagon journey this summer as a legacy to their daughter Elsie, who, born with a rare and unknown disease, tragically passed away last year aged only 1 month.

Yarm Fair 2011
Yarm has hosted a fair for nearly 800 years.  Once used for trading cattle, horses and cheese, today it's mainly a funfair.  But waggons and trailers still make an appearance, and horses are still run up and down the main street.
Appleby Fair June 2011
Fine bowtops frisking the sward.
Police signs and council boulders allowed horse-drawn vehicles access to roadside verges.  Jowett bowtops, an old Bill Wright, and a George Cox all made it safely to the fair, but a stunning ledge was nearly smashed to pieces.
Stow Fair May 2011
Still fashionable after more than 500 years.
Ornate openlots, flashy trailers and modern Italian furniture competed for attention at Stow with an old-fashioned knife grinder's barrow.
Appleby Fair 2010
Only one pub but the waggons were good.
There were many fine waggons at Appleby in 2010, including a Jowett pot waggon.  However, the police and trading standards officers were a presence, and places for travellers to stop were much harder to find.
Summer Stow & Appleby Fairs 2009
Stow had poor weather whilst the police were out in force in Appleby. 
HIstorian John Pockett went walk-about at both fairs.  Although he saw some grand waggons and a herd of Welsh horses, he also saw some disturbing sights.
Stow Fair October 2008
A golden carriage awaits.
Yorkie Greenwood and son painted up this lovely openlot with plenty of gold leaf. Have a look at this waggon and others at the autumn Stow Fair.
Appleby Fair 2008
Bill Wright-style bowtop. This stunning bowtop, built by Jowett, was the highlight of the 2008 Fair.  Of course, the horses were fine, and the girls as pretty as ever.