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Ex-WWII Field Office

Aluminium body, very clean and solid underneath. This wagon is partially converted for living, holiday rentals etc, or to be restored to it’s original glory as (I’ve been told) a WW2 field office. It’s been built to last, the tyres are good, as solid as everything else about it.

It has been insulated with silver bubblewrap stuff and boarded out with those strong boards you can hang shelves off. It has three wooden framed double glazed windows which lock, and a framed area for the bedroom (with a double bed base) and a framed area for the shower/toilet. It has wiring, plugs and light fittings, and hot and cold water pipes installed. There is a quantity of parquet flooring to lay inside; it’s ready to complete to your own standard and taste!

It has a handbrake. It needs towing with a tractor or similar, not a 4x4. The roof has a layer of rubber roofing material added, which is unfinished. It needs tacking around the sides, and possibly redoing on the ends as it’s hard to make it look really neat with the curve of the roof.

There are no doors, but I can include a pair of double pine doors at no extra cost. The back porch needs boards putting down. The original metal railings are included and would need welding on also. the metal ball which is missing from one of the posts by the fold down steps, is inside the wagon to be welded back on.

There is a patch of mould under one of the windows. There isn’t a leak, but it has been parked on a tilt over winter which has meant that the roof wasn’t overhanging the window as it would if it had been parked level. (The window hasn’t been sealed round the sides, which isn’t an issue if it’s parked level.) I didn’t notice because I had some ply boards leaning against the wall inside. For now I have put gorilla tape round that window, and as the mould is now dry it can be painted or boarded over.

The dimensions are:

Length 6m (not including the tow bar, which is about 5ft)
Height from the ground 3m
Width 2450mm
Living area 4950mm,
Height inside 2250mm.

Genuine enquiries only please:

On offer at: £9,000 o.n.o.

Viewing welcome, more photos on request.
Any questions please contact Maude on 07896709784.

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