Original Yorkshire Bowtop
aka 'The Biscuit Tin Waggon'
Circa mid 1960s

This waggon was built in the mid 1960s and was used mainly to go to Appleby
Horse Fair, by Jackie Beaumont from Bradford, Yorkshire. It was featured on a
biscuit tin and also a calendar and postcard. Later the waggon was sold and then travelled in by William Taylor and his sister from Lancashire, written on the side
of the wagon was William Taylor General Dealer, Preston, Lancashire, however the
Taylors travelled down in the south of England. It was later sold again, ending up
in a garden down there and fell into bad repair.

Since it was rescued, the wagon has been fully restored and now in very good
order. Still complete with chrome caps, frets and 6 scroll irons for under the ledge.
It has a kettle box, shafts and steps. The inside is still in original decoration with its
original furniture.

It has a new canvas sheet. The underworks are in yellow gloss and the body is in undercoat now, and now ready to recieve its artwork decoration.

An Excellent & Traditional Original Bowtop

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