For Sale

Rare & Original
H. Jones & Son of Hereford
Ledge Caravan
Built Circa 1895 / 1900

A very fine and early example of an original Henry Jones & Son of Hereford ledge wagon, Jones was one of the noted top builders of Romany vardos and Showman caravans in Britain at the time. This particular, lovely caravan was built around 1895 - 1900. Typical features include:- the offset door, traditional Jones style carvings on the crownboards, finger style finished porchbrackets.

In excellent condition for the year, a beautiful wagon throughout. Decoration on the body and underworks, only the wheels are in need of some finelining to fully complete. Reluctant sale - due only to lack of storage space.

Information about the Builder
Henry Jones & Son were premier builders of Showman vans in the south-west of England at the turn of the 19th-20th century. He began by building farm waggons, spring carts for tradesmen and gypsy waggons, progressing to many fine ledges and showmans. Noted for his distinct & heavy carvings, Jones was from wheelwright stock and continued his services as a wheelwright and carriagebuilder until his death in 1911 aged 72, leaving his son, Federick, to take over the reins. When Henry Jones & Son eventually folded in 1924, George Cox, who had been their last signed apprentice, began his own business in the same premises at Blue School Street, and he continued building and restoring waggons in Hereford for the next 60 years.

Price : £ 19,500 o.v.n.o.

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