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A True Story of Famous Welsh Gypsies
Winner of five BAFTA Cymru awards - Wedi enill pum gwobr BAFTA Cymru

ward-winning drama based on the childhood of real life Romani Eldra Roberts, a descendant of the famous Abram Wood/Roberts Welsh Gypsy Tribe.
Produced by Teliesyn for S4C. "Alongside Hedd Wyn, Eldra has to be one of the cherries of historical dramas to ever spring from Cymru (Wales)." Soundtracks are by celebrated triple harpist Robin Huw Bowen.

The remarkable story of a Welsh Gypsy girl, her fox and a Romany family’s struggle in the mountains of Snowdonia.

A spellbinding true yarn of famous Welsh Romanies in the 1930s, set amongst the blue grey shadows of a North Wales slate quarry. Tensions rise when quarryman's son Robat becomes fascinated by Eldra, a barefoot Gypsy girl of noble kaulo ratti (dark blood) and exotic ancestry. Her gamekeeper father trails in tow of Lord Penrhyn at his Castle whilst Eldra struggles with discrimination. Unswayed, she stays true to her Romani traits, tickles trout, and befriends an abandoned fox cub and beady-eyed barn owl.

Under a Cymru summer sky, Robat’s closeness to Eldra sparks resentment from his jealous brother and bandit buddies. Who will win amidst the conflicts and friendships? Meanwhile, Eldra’s grandparents roll into town in their Gypsy caravan, reminding the family of their Romany ways.

With flash and flamboyance, the family proudly dance to the tune of Taid’s bosh (fiddle) whilst Eldra plays her harp. But although the quarrymen join in with a choral song, Taid warns Eldra that the two cultures cannot mix. So can the small Welsh community accept the colourful Gypsies?

Click here to meet the real Eldra Roberts . . !

Circa  90 mins.  For all ages.  Available with English subtitles or Welsh only.

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Juliette of the Herbs
The life and work of traveller and herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy.
Award-winning film of a world-renowned herbalist, author, pioneer of holistic animal care, breeder of afghan hounds, and close friend of the Gypsies.

This beautiful DVD was filmed on location in
England, Europe and America.  For over 70 years Juliette lived with Romanies, nomads and peasants throughout the world, learning the healing arts of plants and natural remedies.  She was also a pioneer of holistic animal welfare and a breeder of Turkuman afghans.

In the 1930s Juliette wrote the first ever book on herbal medicine and natural treatments for vets. She went on to write many books on her life with Gypsies and the use of herbs.

Produced by Tish Streeten for Mabinogion Films © 1998.  DVD produced and distributed by ValleyStream Cultural Media, Cymru, 2010.

Features archive photographs of New Forest and English Gypsies.
A must have DVD to embellish the shelf of any serious collector interested
in herbal & Gypsy culture!

75 mins.  For all ages.                                 See more about Juliette and the DVD

Books by Juliette include: Wanderers in the New Forest, As Gypsies Wander, Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable, The Illustrated Herbal Handbook, and Natural Rearing of Children.

Gypsy caravans of the UK

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Romany - The Last Half Hour
Special Collector's Item - limited print run, second impression.
Romany of the BBC was the UK's first wildlife presenter.  Broadcasting on radio, he reached an audience of 13 million listeners.  This is the last - and only remaining - recording in existence today!

His weekly series 'Out with Romany' went out on BBC Children's Hour from 1932-43.  Based on countryside rambles from his Gypsy caravan, he was accompanied by young friends Doris and Muriel, Raq the spaniel and Comma the horse.

This rare recording was originally transmitted in October 1943, six weeks before Romany's death.  It has remained in archives for over 60 years and is now being released to the general public for the very first time.

Introduction by ex BBC Radio Manchester John Mundy.
1.  Original crackle and pop version first broadcast 5th October 1943.
2.  Enchanted 21st century recording, with sound effects - how it would sound today!

Circa 62 minutes.                  Read the full story - Romany of the BBC

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